Prevacker in a Sex Game

My wife and I are not particularly "swingers", but when her best friend asked if we would like to be part of a TV "sex game", she said "Yes" without even asking me. It was sort of in the form of a contest and her friend and the friend's husband would be part of "the game". Each couple was given pictures of several other couples and we were supposed to select ones we were willing to get personal with. We were told that the contest would involve being blindfolded and trying to guess if we were with our partner or one of the others in the "contest".

We were told that everyone was being tested, and my wife is on birth control... so it seemed like a good chance to get some fun sexual variety without the risk of emotional entanglement.

The show would be an hour long when fully edited, so we needed about 20 minutes on each of 3 separate "contests"-- with 4 couples, that meant 5 minutes for each couple for each contest... but since there were 4 partners... that meant ONE minute with each (and time to "switch".

I realized that it might make a big difference if the order of the contest were modified some.

There were going to be three main elements: Cocksucking, Cuntlicking, and Fucking doggy position.

With 4 guys.. each with 4 different girls and 3 contests... 4x4x3= 48 separate acts if we had a minute for each. But consider this. Did one woman get licked by 4 guys for a minute each? or did the 4 women line up and get licked by one man- one minute each. Obviously if all 4 guys were active at the same time, we could finish faster. But the whole idea of the show was to have close-up video of every action... so having 4 guys active at once would mean that 3 were not being filmed. I suppose they could have had 4 cameras, but actually they would have needed more like 20, because they had 5 cameras filming each "act": on on each FACE, one on the full body action and two close-up on the genitals.

What would you want to do? Four women in a row so you could compare better, or have the other guys switching in for each girl- I know I wanted to "go first" on all of the women for each of the acts. Of course that was impossible unless I did all 4 for each of the 3 events BEFORE any of the other guys got a chance. I was wondering how to go about bribing someone to get what I wanted... but then I realized that it was maybe more fun to NOT know or control that.

The order of events was cuntlicking, then cocksucking, then the fucking. The way they randomized everyone was to print 1234 in as many variations as exist... and shuffle them and hand them out. To both the men and the women.

My wife's friend was really sexy and I had always wanted to experience her. Her husband could have been my brother but was somewhat shorter and had more hair. The third couple was "black" but really mulatto, beautiful people and I was pretty sure my wife wanted to "try black" (although maybe she already had but didn't tell me about it). The 4th couple was sort of nerdy looking, maybe their glasses or their expression? But we all looked clean and healthy.

I got 3rd for the 1st event but all of us were blindfolded, and these were not the kind of blindfold you could peek around. We were all pretty much "blind", because after the 1st guy did woman one, the 2nd guy would do woman 2 and I would do 3 and 4 would do 4... then the women would be moved and the men would do 1 2 3 & 4 again but it would be different women. We did not have to remember the number of the woman involved, but write down what we thought of the experience and it would be matched to 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th and we were all going to watch the videos after they were all made.

I love pussy and except for the first round, all of the pussy had been licked a minute or three before I got to it. That just makes it wetter and juicier and the 3rd pussy Iicked was so wet I thought maybe someone had added lubricant, but I was told "No", all natural. All 4 of them tasted great, but different... and I had no problem selecting Ellen as #3. I realized that it would be easy for anyone to indentify a regular partner from almost ANY sound they made during an event... but I tried to ignore that, and it was a good thing I did. They had set up microphones and earphones so that each woman heard a man who was NOT servicing her, and each man heard a woman he was not servicing. So if you heard your partner moaning, it was from someone else doing them... but we did not know that until AFTER the contest was finished. I guess they informed us because otherwise losers would have been VERY upset at being tricked. Instead they simply were told that if they thought they could use sounds they heard, they should know about the microophones and earphone positioning. No way to do that for "smells", but we had all done supervised washing before the game started, with the idential mildly scented soap...

By the time the second event started, my cock was very ready to be licked...even if it was only for a minute... it would be by 4 different women and I was confident that I could recognize Ellen's "technique" which is sort of like a girl with fancy dress eating a popsickle she doesn't like and worrying about getting it on her dress. I assumed that every other woman would just suck my entire erection down her throat. But the first woman was big on licking licking licking, and never really clamped down on my cock or got it very far into her mouth-- plus she didn't know to lick on the under side that is the most sensitive area. Maybe she did that on purpose by pre-arrangement with her partner? The second I was sure was Ellen. The third seemed so excited that it was as if she had never seen such a beautiful cock before. And she licked and sucked my balls briefly... I realized that might be a cue to her partner if they were cheating? The 4th woman really had a strong tongue and if I were going to have to choose one, she would be the "designated sucker". I will skip the mystery and explain I was totally wrong and Ellen was #4, apparently inspired by the contest atmosphere, or by all the cuntlicking she had suffered... she was totally excited about sucking cock.

The third element was fucking in doggy position, and they had replaced the sounds from the mics with dogs barking as they mated... a nice touch I thought. The first one seemed to clench her cunt tight for some reason, so I didn't think that was Ellen. The second one had a butt that was softer than Ellen's when I bumped against it. And the third seemed to have a short vagina- I was tight up against her cervix with each stroke after the first one. So I was not surprised when #4 "felt like I was home". The contest was over for all of us and I managed to NOT cum until I got to the 4th woman and was lucky it was Ellen because she would have been upset if I dumped my load in one of the other women... or that's what I think anyway. Each of the men had done 3 events and 4 women for each. Likewise the women. We all took off our blindfolds and earphones and we all seemed pleased by the experience. The lady who had been a sort of MC took over as we bunched together in the seating where we had started. "Does anyone want to try a 4th event without blindfold and be able to hear normally? I didn't think about what Ellen would want but her hand went up as fast as mine did-- and all of the others had their hands up... but one voice asked "what is the event?" The MC laughed and said, "Missionary position... to start...but if you think you have time for other positions...freestyle".

I realized that I might have trouble getting stiff, but we were getting drinks AND watching the videos we just made... before the "bonus event"... so it would be an hour and I was pretty sure I could recover by then. It was even more fun to watch the videos knowing that we were going to get "another chance" with each of the others. I had enjoyed the sex with them, but I really wanted to hear her and smell them while I looked at the expression on her face and matched all that with the way her vagina was holding me. They had arranged the "random" assignments so that each of us was with our actual partner on the 4th round, and we were told that we could take as long as we wanted or needed for that final round. I wondered if they had done that for the doggy style sex also- it would make sense to decrease the chance of unwanted pregnancy if the guys were most likely to ejaculate into his own partner?

We all got a copy of the videos, and I really enjoy watching Ellen get pleasured by the three other guys. We have talked about whether we would do another similar contest and we both act "uncertain" but I am pretty sure that is a pretense and we would both love to have a contest like that EVERY WEEKEND. At least I would.,353,80533206,80533206,Co_zamiast_Vegety_i_kostek_rosolowych_.html#p169090134


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